Learn the Game Maker Language (GML) through tutorials and examples

Game Maker Language Tutorials and Examples

Contact: djh5331@psu.edu. Feel free to e-mail me for suggestions of tutorials and examples.

Beginner Tutorial Parts:

GML Intro
GML Part 2
GML Part 3
GML Part 4
GML Part 5
GML Arrays
GM Resources
GM INI Files
GM Text Files
GM User Input
GML Closing

First Game Tutorial

Power Ups
Closing GML


Missile Example
Missile Example
Race AI
Race AI
Mario Party
Missile Example2
Missile Example2
Point of View
Point of View
Mouse Follow
Password Creator
Circle Targeting

Game Maker is a program made by YoYo Games that can be used to make simple games. Game Maker is user-friendly in that it provides an opportunity for people with no programming experience to make games. Even so, Game Maker offers a unique possibility to allow people to program as well as use the drag-and-drop feature. The programming language used in Game Maker is known as Game Maker Language, or GML for short. The official Game Maker site can be found here.

This website's purpose is to provide help to all of the programmers out there who wish to learn GML. We provide an extensive tutorial for those without any experience with GML. The only required knowledge is the basics of Game Maker, such as what objects, sprites, etc. are. Our goal is to teach the new generation of GML programmers. If you are a beginner with little to no experience with GML, please feel free to try our beginner tutorial.

We will be adding examples and tutorials in the near future. We hope that you find this website useful and come back as often as you need to.

We're beginning to add a brand new tutorial. This tutorial is great for a first game made strictly in GML! The only requirement is that you read our beginner tutorial first, or already have some background knowledge on GML, such as the syntax and the basic statements. This tutorial will have you make an arcade shooter that will be fully-polished. That means everything from menus, to sounds, to completely bug-free gameplay. Check it out.

I've started to add some examples. Almost all examples require Game Maker 8. However, if "pro" features are used, there will typically be a "lite" edition as well, which is why there are usually two of the same example. Generally speaking, the only pro features that I use are for drawing, so that the objects's sprites rotate based upon their directions. The lite editions typically just remove this and therefore will not have rotating sprites. If you have any examples that you want me to make, please e-mail me at djh5331@psu.edu.

Remember that if you ever want to go back to the home page, simply click on our image at the top of every web page.


8/10/10: Added another example. This example shows you how to make a program randomly generate passwords.
7/23/10: Added two more examples, a new and better version of the missile example and a new point-of-view example. Remember, Game Maker 8 is required.
7/22/10: Added some examples to the website. Just move your mouse over to the links and a short description and requirements for each example will show up. GM 8 is required.
7/20/10: The tutorial is finally finished. It's a solid eight pages long, so be ready for a good read. I'll post a more "advanced" version later, adding more weapons, power ups, balloons, etc.
7/17/10: Alright, the tutorial is coming out well and is mostly all posted online. There's only one or two more parts left.
7/12/10-7/15/10: Still working on that tutorial. I'll begin to post it online soon as I get further into it.
7/11/10: Started work on a tutorial that is good for beginners. It will teach people how to make an arcade-shooting game.
6/23/10: A lot was done today! Added parts 10 and 11 to the tutorial, finishing up the beginner tutorial. The home page and the layout of the entire site was completely re-vamped.
6/22/10: Added part 9 (text files) of tutorial. Fixed up the home page a bit too. Next up: user input.
6/21/10: Added part 8 (INI files) of the tutorial. Too busy to do much else. Next up: text files.
6/20/10: Added part 7 (resources) of the tutorial. Next up: INI files.
6/19/10: Added home page and part 4, part 5, and part 6 (arrays) of the tutorial. Resources will be next.
6/18/10: Added parts 1, 2, and 3 of the tutorial.

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